April 2023


What are the benefits of a Modular OR?
Find out in our 5 question & answer guide.

How can it be integrated into an existing building?
The modular operating room is a complete solution that includes substructure, surfaces, ceiling, mechanical services and more.
It is entirely independent from the existing structural walls and supports, it is easy to adapt to any environment.
We can convert any existing empty space or room into a new functional department.


Why is it important to reduce the OR construction time?
Each element is designed to integrate seamlessly, to increase efficiency and reduce construction time.
One of the key requirements of our modular system is also to minimize possible interference and/or failures to functional departments.
Minimal noises, minimal dust, minimal disturbance


Does a modular operating room guarantee a more hygienic environment?
Surfaces are treated with silver ions featuring sanitizing properties.
In 24 hours, tests have shown a 99.99% reduction in bacterial numbers or a 10,000-fold reduction to Log4.
Easy-to-sanitize surfaces make cleaning quick and effective, reducing reinfection rates.


How are the facilities and services organized within the facility?
All utilities and services are located within the substructure.
Removable wall panels provide easy access for maintenance and installation of new utilities and equipment.
The “Control Module,” integrates all equipment, provides visibility into the status of the system, and gives technicians the ability to check the status of the service remotely.


What are the advantages of the modular operating room in terms of operating cost and durability of used materials?
The modular operating room ensures low operating costs.
All construction materials used in the modular operating room are permanent and have a long service life, ensuring many years of use.
In case of need, the entire operating room can be moved to a new location recovering about 70% of the materials.

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