Conf Industries work model

We know no limits


When a client comes to us, we don’t offer him a catalog to browse through.
First we listen to him, try to understand what he needs and take note of all his requirements.

We then move on to the design phase, where our R&D department create the most suitable solution in terms of design, materials, dimensions and ergonomics.
It is essential that each element is best suited to the environment and use, especially when it comes to hospitals, hotels, restaurants or boats.
It is essential that each of our products satisfies the customer in the best possible way: for this reason, every single detail is studied and designed so that it can adapt to the environment and use in the best possible way, especially when it comes to hospitals, hotels, restaurants, or cruises.

A product must be solid, durable, practical to use and easy to clean and sanitize.
That’s why it’s important to make gap-free shapes with large washable surfaces and artful welds to create large, unique blocks.

Listening and planning
to offer an effective product
in every aspect.


We don’t settle for materials either, choosing the best steels or using aluminum alloys developed in-house by our R&D department.

It would be easier to assemble standard pieces without devoting the same care to research, quality and customization of each project.

True excellence comes from research.