Systems for industrial laundries: storage and internal handling.

Our laundry division have been designed over the years different transport, storage and internal handling logistics systems for industrial laundries, such as those in hotels, hospitals and cruise ships.
Our attention to detail allows us to create products that are manageable, with high safety and quality standards.

The industrial laundry field requires extremely efficient tools that can deliver high performance over time, from simple bag carriers to complex handling systems.

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Bag holders trolleys

Bag holders suitable for the transport of dirty laundry and/or general waste.
Hermetic line / Heavy duty line / Basic line

Aisle trolleys

Designed for linen replacement service in hospital wards.
Aluminum line / Wood line

carrelli da trasporto per lavanderie industriali

Trolleys for linen transport

Light alloy carts for handling clean and dirty laundry.
Closet carts for clean linen delivery / Carts for dirty linen pickup

Logistics for industrial laundries

Carts for internal handling and packing tables for industrial laundries.
Packaging tables / Light alloy carts for internal handling / Light alloy containers for internal handling / Polypropylene carts for internal handling

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