Design, construction and installation of modular operating rooms

It has become essential for hospital facilities to have spaces and environments designed down to the smallest detail: starting with the architectural and plant engineering design, moving on to the choice of the most suitable electromedical equipment, and ending with the production of technical equipment, furnishings and finishes.
When we design an ward, we conceive the hospital environment as a true “organism,” in which each element influences the others and, at the same time, is in perfect balance with its surroundings. Thanks to this working method, based on a comprehensive view of all phases of the project, we create an efficient and optimized space.

The operating block is the heart of every hospital: therefore it must be designed down to the smallest detail. Flooring, walls and furniture: all these elements must ensure the highest levels of functionality, hygiene and safety.


We start from needs and build a customized design of each environment, structure, furniture and technological equipment.


Thanks to our long experience in working with stainless steel and aluminum alloys, we manufacture most components in-house.


The phase that determines the success of a project. That’s why we handle everything directly with our specialized teams in setting up rooms.

Design, construction and installation of modular operating rooms

All elements are relevant. Our goal is to consider them all to achieve a finished product that fully meets the customer’s need and all quality and safety requirements.

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