First step is always


Doing business responsibly requires awareness of the impact your activities have on the environment. That’s the reason why we do our best to operate with a production that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

By processing mainly steel and aluminum, we are able to recycle 100% of the processing waste, which is fed back into the production cycle in place of new raw materials, thus feeding a circular economy.

A great advantage, but not enough for us. That’s why we use only the latest generation of machinery, with high performance and low energy consumption.

In addition, the new production unit is equipped with a modern underfloor cooling/heating system and a photovoltaic system with which we produce over 50% of our energy needs.


At Conf Industries S.r.l. we believe in an eco-sustainable future and in a production system that looks to the future, but being sustainable goes beyond all this.

We are aware that we should not waste resources that are valuable to us and the environment.

Because the only possible growth is that which is based on the commitment and responsibility of each of us.