Transport, storage and logistics systems for hotels, restaurants and cruise ships

Our Division studies, designs and creates logistics systems for the transportation, storage and internal handling of hotels, restaurants and cruise ships.
The relentless pursuit of detail allows us to create products that are ergonomic, easy to handle and with very high safety and quality standards.

Hôtellerie, restaurants and cruise ships sectors require a highly customized transportation and handling logistics system.

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Efficient, flexible tools designed for room service and floor service management.


Ergonomic, efficient and robust products designed for the collecting of dirty linens and the redistributing clean change.

Lobby & Front Office Line

Elegant and reliable solutions designed to facilitate customer reception, transportation and storage of luggage.


A line of accessories for catering and banqueting services, designed to ensure practicality, safety and ease of cleaning.


Our durable, safe and easy-to-use garbage racks are indispensable products for keeping every space clean and tidy.

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